Today is the day

Today is Marriage Day!

If you are heading to an Iowa County Recorder today, congratulations, and best wishes!  Be sure to look for One Iowa volunteers and staff for support, or at least an extra cheer.  Also remember to visit One Iowa’s website for helpful tips and guidesheets.  I recommend especially Lambda Legal’s FAQ sheet, as it has extensive discussion of issues such as out-of-state/leaving state issues and discusses deeper, less exciting but still important legal aspects of marriage as it relates to same-sex couples. The Chicago Tribune also has a nice blow-by-blow/summary of what is needed to receive a license today.  (Makes me wish I were in more of a border county!)

There may be protesters today, and there will be people viewing today as a fearful, dangerous event.  There are prayer protests planned, which, so long as they are for understanding and love, I’m all for.   But remember that not everyone feels that way, and that a good number of these allies are in religious institutions, too.  Remember, if you’re near Des Moines, come to their celebration tonight at Des Moines Social Club.  If you’re not, find one in your area, or make your own!  Whatever you do, enjoy today.  Don’t let anyone else’s fear or uncertainty bring you down.  Today is an historic day.  Enjoy it to its fullest.

And say hi if you register in Story County!  I’ll be at the courthouse from 9-3.


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