Seven days

It has been seven days since same-sex couples have been able to legally marry in the state of Iowa.  It has also been nearly that long since there’s been a post on this blog!  That was not intentional as I think both Heidi and I had meant to post several times.  I, for one, have several posts brewing in my head, but have lacked the time and energy to write them.  But fear not, gentle readers, they are coming.  I am going to try to get at least one of them posted this week.

So what’s happened in the seven days since marriage equality became the law of the land in Iowa?  More than 450 couples have applied for and been granted marriage licenses.  Couples from Minnesota and Missouri have come to Iowa to be married, even though they know that their marriages will not be recognized in their home states.

But what’s more interesting is what hasn’t happened.  The apocalypse has not arrived.  The sky has not fallen.  The world has not stopped turning.  People are continuing to go about their daily business.  But for a certain segment of the population, that business now includes having the same basic rights that I have taken for granted my whole life.

Seven days later, the world is still, more or less, the same.  And this is despite what some of the most angry and vitriolic members of the other side predicted.

There will be more posts this week, I promise.


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